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How to Build a Climate-Controlled Garage

How to Build a Climate-Controlled Garage

There’s nothing more irritating than when your garage gets boiling hot during the summer and freezing cold during the winter—is there no middle ground? Especially if you spend most of your days fine-tuning your bike, car, or even dryer vent in the garage, if you don’t have proper climate control, you will only get to truly enjoy your space in the spring or fall. 

Garage Smart understands that creating and maintaining the right temperature in your garage is critical to getting work done to the best of your ability. Follow along as we dive into key suggestions to help you build a climate-controlled garage

Why You Need Climate Control 

Maintaining climate control for your garage is vital for the longevity of your tools, items, and the overall architecture of your garage. 

For example, a drop in temperature can make metal and wooden objects in your garage contract and malfunction. And an extreme rise in temperature can encourage parts of your garage to expand and move in ways that can hurt the structural integrity of your space. Any flammable items in your garage can heat up quickly during the summer months. 

Therefore, it’s important to invest time to maintain a consistent temperature in your garage for a safe and comfortable work environment.

Climate Controlling Your Garage

How to climate control a garage involves incorporating four key tips. 

1. Install Insulation 

If you don’t have insulation, now is the time to set this up in your garage. Many people often think of insulation as keeping cold air out during the icy winter months, but it’s also useful in keeping hot air out during the sweltering summer season. 

Be sure to install insulation around all air entryways such as your windows, doors, ceilings, and interior walls to effectively heat-proof your garage.

2. Heating/Cooling Units

Installing a heating and/or cooling unit in your garage can be very beneficial to regulating temperatures. Some good options are: 

    • Vented combustion heater - These safe heaters hang from the ceiling and use only outside air for combustion. Moreover, it separates unhealthy exhaust gas products from the air that you breathe indoors. 
  • Electric heaters - Though space heaters typically take longer to heat a large space, they are generally more cost-effective than installing a central heating system.
    • Portable air conditioner - You can easily move around this portable unit to sufficiently cool parts of your garage space. 
    • Window air conditioner - If you’re dealing with extreme temperatures in your area, a window air conditioner can provide you with substantial control over your garage weather. You can use some window units as a heater in the winter as well. 

    3. Humidity Control

    Sometimes, your heating and cooling units can bring in more humidity than you need. Take advantage of dehumidifiers that can alleviate this issue and maintain proper air circulation in your garage. Some portable air conditioners also work as a dehumidifier which is a great investment if you’re looking to cool your garage as well during specific months. 

    4. Choose the Right Garage Door

    The type of garage door you have can make a big difference in the amount of temperature regulation you have in your space. When choosing a door, look out for models with insulating properties. Though they may cost more than regular doors, they will prove to be a smart investment in the long run. 

    Incorporating these four techniques will help you gain better control of your garage’s temperature. Like any workspace, you want to make sure that you establish a secure environment that allows you to perform to the best of your ability and house your greatest assets. 

    Learn More

    If you’re climate-controlling your garage and find that you need to store away some heavy items, be sure to check out Garage Smart’s Universal XL Lifter. Versatile with hands-free spooling, this lifter can handle up to 100 pounds and help you gain more space for your work.
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    Garage Wall Ideas to Personalize and Maximize Your Garage Space

    Garage Wall Ideas to Personalize and Maximize Your Garage Space

    Whether you use your garage space for your vehicles, tools, or workshop, understanding how to properly organize and design your space can help you make the most of it and make it look good. 

    As with any room or area around your home, you want to craft it in a way that fuels you to do your best work. Follow along with us below as we provide you with creative garage wall ideas to incorporate into your garage space. 

    How Can I Make My Garage Look Good? 

    You can make your garage look good by selecting colors, tools, and textures that reflect your personality and craft. 

    1. Choose Bold Colors

    Painting your walls can go a long way to building an impressive garage space. Be sure to use moisture-blocking paint to avoid future formations of mildew and mold. Consider the following colors: 


    Inspired by the Ferrari brand, red is a great option if you're a big car guy and if you use your garage to store your vehicles. This color will help make your space look sleek. Try incorporating some white or black to bring out the refinement. For example, you can deck out your garage space by installing a checkered black and white floor with a bold red wall that will craft a classic look.    


    Blue is a bold yet soothing color that will shower you with relaxation and vitality whether you’re working or simply parking your vehicles. Consider using a teal or sapphire blue to really give it that pop, and hang up some nice photos/decorations that will help finish your look.


    Are red and blue not enough for you? If you’re really going for something bold, consider orange! With orange walls and some white, this design will definitely bring a warm and energetic feeling to your garage space. 

    2. Consolidate All of Your Items with the Right Tools

    Making your garage look good involves organizing all of your tools and personal items in a way that maximizes your space. The more space you have or appear to have, the more welcoming and polished your garage space will look. 

    Storage solutions such as Garage Smart’s Universal XL Lifter can help you get all of your heavy-duty items out of the way. With the ability to lift up to 100 pounds, this lifter can help you elegantly and efficiently store away large items such as your paddle sports gear. 

    It’s essential to find effective and attractive ways to organize your garage without having to simply throw them into a corner pile. By seeking out the right storage tools such as our Universal XL Lifter, you can make your garage look well-organized and a place that inspires you to get your work done.   

    3. Utilize Texture

    Aside from paint, there are different types of materials you can use in your garage space to create texture and a stylish look. Consider the following design options: 

    • Brick walls - Installing brick walls in your garage can give your space an industrial and hip feel. If you want to go even more masculine, there are dark grey and black brick designs available for you to use. Top it off with some nicely framed posters and you’ll have a welcoming space that you’ll feel compelled to get busy in. 
    • Metal panels - Metal panels provide your garage space with a fresh, bold, and commercial feel. There are various designs of metal panels such as corrugated panels (these look like rippled metal sheets) or smooth steel panels that can complement wood beams, bricks, and/or exposed heating ducts. 

    What Can I Use for Garage Walls?

    Aside from playing with color and storage tools to design your garage, there are several garage wall ideas you can use to efficiently maximize your space. 

    1. Slatwall Panel 

    If you want all your tools off the floor but easily accessible, installing a slatwall panel on your garage wall is a great idea. These panels are made up of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). 

    You can hang up all of your tools along with gear such as your bicycles and/or strollers on these panels that will keep all of your belongings organized. You can even place hooks, racks, and baskets on the slatwall to maximize your storage space. 

    2. Pegboard 

    Having a pegboard wall is another convenient way to keep the mess off of your garage floors. Available in a variety of materials such as timber or steel, pegboards allow you to easily attach hooks to neatly spread out all of your tools and garage items. You can attach your pegboard to stonework, drywall, or wood studs to effectively fix them on your walls.  

    3. Storage Cabinets

    If you prefer not to have any visible clutter on your garage walls, storage cabinets are a great alternative option. If you’re tired of your tools being cluttered all over the place, covering one side of your garage wall with cabinets will help your space look neat and organized. Not to mention, it will maximize your storage space!

    4. OSB or Plywood 

    OSB, or Oriented Strand Board, and plywood are both great options if you’re looking for sheathing material to add a protective layer to your walls. 

    OSB is made up of layers of wood, resin, and wax. Pressed together to form a panel, OSB has a smooth finish. Not only can you use OSB for nailing/stapling insulation to your garage walls, but you can also use them to hang your carpentry and racks. 

    Plywood is made from thin sheets of wood veneer. These thin layers are glued together, making plywood structurally firm and stable. Like OSB, they are great for sheathing for installation and using alone as a baseboard to hang up all of your tools. 

    As illustrated above, there are several creative garage wall ideas you can incorporate to personalize and maximize your garage space. Whatever ideas you decide to go with, be sure they are practical and creative. It’s important to establish a garage space that provides efficient methods for storage and emulates your innovative spirit. 

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    Garage Smart understands the value of maximizing your garage space to help simplify your tasks. Be sure to learn more about how to maximize your space by owning the right tools, like our Universal XL Lifter.
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    4 Steps to a Minimalist Garage

    4 Steps to a Minimalist Garage

    They say less is more, and nowhere is this truer than for home storage. Recent trends encourage tidying up by letting go of items that no longer spark joy, leaving behind the possessions and essentials that matter most in your life. Maybe you’ve made a commitment to a more minimalist lifestyle—but have yet to tackle a garage piled high with boxes storing everything from your kids’ preschool creations to the snowboarding gear you hope you’ll use again someday. 

    The key to creating a minimalist garage is some great storage techniques—plus letting go of the items you don’t need and probably won’t ever use. Take a look at some ways you can create a truly minimalist garage. 

    1. Cut the Crap (and the Clutter)

    Start your journey to a minimalist garage with some self-reflection and honesty. Before you can rethink your garage storage system, you need to pull out and sort everything you have languishing there, and toss what you don’t need. Open every box, and reevaluate every item to determine if it has earned its space in your garage. 

    You could try the trendy “spark joy” trick: keep only the things that give you a little ping of happiness and donate or toss the rest. Or look at things from a more practical, less touchy-feely standpoint: when was the last time you opened this box, and do you even know what’s inside? If you haven’t used something or taken it out of the box in the past year or so, chances are you won’t miss it. If you live in a warm climate now or just aren’t in the right shape, you probably don’t need that snowboard anymore. Get rid of what you don’t need or use, and ask for help with sorting from a trusted friend if you need an outside opinion or moral support.

    2. Organize Your Items

    Once you’ve cut out the crap, you may find that you need to reorganize and re-box your items. Store like items together, ideally in sturdy totes that shut tight. If you can’t readily see inside a box or tote, give it a legible and easy-to-spot label. There may be some items you choose to display: your tools and drills, for example, or maybe your outdoor gear. Get a pegboard and install it on the wall—you’re likely to have more wall space now that you’ve thrown out excess clutter—and take pride in showing off and organizing your things. Making it easy to see and access your possessions will inspire you to use them more. 

    3. Use Your Vertical Space

    Get your gear and possessions up off the floor. This will make the garage look more spacious, protect your things from floods, and free up space for storage or other uses. Once you organize and label your possessions, you’ll know how much and what kind of storage space you might need. Shelves and cabinets are great for smaller things like pool cleaning supplies and food storage. Pegboards are great for displaying tools, and overhead systems are great for bulky camping gear or holiday decor.

    garage storage

    Invest in a good garage storage system that includes the shelving you need and utilizes the vertical space in your garage, which is usually ignored and wasted. For example, Garage Smart’s platform lifter is a motorized storage platform that gets bigger, bulkier gear out of the way when it’s not being used. 

    4. Prioritize Premium Space

    Some items, such as tools, bikes and kid toys, cleaning supplies, and cans of pantry staples like beans or tomatoes may need to be accessed regularly. When you’re organizing your things, take note of what items need premium space in your garage for easy access. Keep these in easy-to-reach shelving, and put them right back when you’re done. And remember, a place for everything, and everything in its place! Make sure there’s a space designated for everything and stick to your system, especially for items you use regularly. Tossing your weed wacker in any open corner after each use will make your garage feel cluttered and make it hard to find what you need.

    Items that aren’t used as often or only seasonally should be kept higher up—perhaps on an upper shelf or lifted platform—to keep them safe and neatly stored while giving priority to oft-used items.

    Creating a minimalist garage may sound like a challenge, but with the right strategy and storage solutions, it is well within reach. To get your minimalist garage going, learn more about our garage overhead products.

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    5 Ways (Besides Storage) to Use Your Garage

    5 Ways (Besides Storage) to Use Your Garage

    If the only thing in your garage is boxes of Christmas lights, camping gear, a lawnmower, and other storage, you’re doing it wrong. Especially if your garage is disorganized and filled with clutter. This is space gone to waste. Your garage is more than a place to put outgrown baby clothes and dusty snowshoes: it is a bonus room you never knew you needed. There are dozens of possibilities for how to use this space, and your imagination is the limit. Have you ever considered putting a pool table in your garage and turning it into a game room? Or turning your garage into a gym? Or maybe a “fan cave” to display and admire your collection of paraphernalia featuring your favorite team?

    With the right kind of storage system, all these ideas and more can become a reality in your garage. To get your creative juices going, check out these ideas for ways to use your garage—and for something other than storage. 

    garage storage

    1. Home Gym

    Turning your garage into a gym can help you stay fit and healthy while making the most of the space already available on your property. Plus, it’s simple to do! All you need is a few pieces of exercise equipment—a treadmill, maybe a bike—plus some free weights, a mat, and a bench. You may already have these things lying around, gathering dust or adding clutter to your living room. Bring them out to the garage, install a few mirrors and maybe a wall-mounted TV, and you’ve got a great place to work out in the privacy of your home, no matter the weather or hour. If your storage game is strong, you’ll have plenty of space to move around, plus room for a friend or partner to join you.

    2. Game Room

    So you’ve always wanted a pool table, air hockey table, or foosball table—or all three—but there simply isn’t enough room in the house. Your solution: put the pool table in the garage. And don’t stop there! Create a full-fledged rec room, with a shelf for your board games and puzzles and a table to play them on (or a rug to make it comfortable to play on the floor. Putting your game room out in the garage means you don’t have to worry about taking up floor space for more “responsible” things, like a home office or nursery. You’ll get room to spread out and have fun with friends and family. You may even want to install a speaker and minibar to add something extra to your parties.

    3. Craft Room

    If you’re more of a crafty person, you need a space with plenty of room to spread out your fabrics, warm up your glue guns, and keep your fancy scissors away from the kids. The garage makes a great spot for crafting. Get a nice long table and some shelving to store supplies, and you’ve got a great space you can escape to when inspiration strikes. If you have to leave in the middle of a project, you can leave it out without having to clean it up or worry that it will be disturbed. 

    4. Work Bench

    Just as a garage is a good spot for a craft room, it also makes for a great workbench. Working with wood and tools can get messy, and tools can easily get spread around the house. You’re probably already storing your toolbox and collection of saws out in the garage anyway, why not make it official and declare the garage your tool shop and workbench? Just like a craft room, you can leave projects out unfinished and come and go, working when you can. Proudly display your tools on a pegboard instead of in boxes, and build your own bench for your first project.

    5. Fan Cave

    We all have hobbies and interests—and some of us can get obsessive about it. Whether you’re a fan of a sports team, sci-fi/fantasy franchise, LEGOs, or other collectible, the garage may be the perfect place to set up an homage to your passion. Install shelving and proudly display all the “geeky” things you’ve collected that your partner doesn’t want in the main house. Then, set up a nice comfy chair so you can sit back and enjoy the sanctuary of your fan cave. 

    Ready to build the garage space of your dreams? Make your plans a reality by clearing your storage off the ground with Garage Smart’s elevated storage systems. Learn more about our garage overhead product today.

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