Smart Bike Hoists

The world’s FIRST smart Bike Lifts have arrived!

Bike storage can be a tricky thing. Here are two solutions: a single bike lift and a multi bike lift.

These smart bike lifts are designed for overhead bike rack storage. They will get your bikes up off the floor, and safely store them out of the way with the touch of your finger. The smart device App is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices.

"I got my lifter today, and everything works perfectly. Syncing with the phone was easy, and the app was intuitive and responsive."

-Håvard Fjær, from Kickstarter

Smart Lifting Points:

With the MY LIFTER App, you can set Smart Lift and Smart Lower points. This allows you to custom program stopping points for your top and bottom locations for each bike. Once you've set your points, simply tap the Smart Lift or Smart Lower button, and your bike will automatically move to the perfect spot each and every time. Safely Storing and Accessing your stored bikes has never been easier!

Easy DIY Installation:

MY LIFTER devices come with all the hardware you need to easily install the unit to your garage ceiling. In just a few simple steps, your MY LIFTER will be mounted, plugged in, paired with your MY LIFTER App, and ready to lift your bikes up and out of the way.

See Our Installation Video

Safest Bicycle Overhead Lifts:

The MY LIFTER keeps you and your overhead items secure by not letting you lift more than what it is capable of. The unit's built-in weight sensors stop the MY LIFTER from lifting beyond its capacity, and the App's control screen will show you how close you are to your weight limit. The hoist also uses a patented internal gear braking system that automatically locks the spool when the cable is not moving, or if the unit loses power.

The MY LIFTER takes the lifting out of overhead bike storage. 

No more climbing ladders or lifting bikes over your head with manual pulleys! 

Install a MY LIFTER bike hoist today

Multi Bike Overhead Smart Lift System by MYLIFTER