The Hard Top Lifter is a must have for Jeep Wrangler® owners. Removing and storing your Wrangler 2 or 4 door hardtop becomes an easy, one-person job. It is quick, easy, safe. Enjoy your Jeep more! 

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Smart Lifting Points:

With the App, you can set Smart Lift and Smart Lower points. This allows you to program stopping points for your top and bottom locations of your hard top. Once you've set your points, simply tap the Smart Lift or Smart Lower button, and your hardtop will automatically move to the perfect spot each and every time. Removing your hardtop has never been easier!

Easy DIY Installation:

Each Hard Top Lifter comes with all the hardware you need to easily install the unit to your garage ceiling. In just a few simple steps, your lifter will be mounted, plugged in, paired with the App, and ready to lift your hard top up and out of the way. Not only is it the best storage solution to keep your hardtop safe, secure, and dry, but it’s also the easiest way to take a hard top off your Jeep® by yourself.

Safest Motorized Jeep® Hard Top Lift:

The Hard Top Lifter uses an incredibly strong steel powder coated frame that quickly attaches to your vehicle top without any drilling. The straps allow you to lift and store your hard top with the rear window closed, which will improve the balance, as well as take up less storage space. We have included a storage net to store your freedom top pieces. With a smart device and the touch of your finger, two small electric smart winches will lift your hard top to the ceiling of your garage or carport, for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. 

Protects Your Hard Top:

Built-in scratch prevention and safety stops make this hoist easy to use without damaging your Jeep® or the hard top. Rubber stops, cushioned support rollers, and coated J-hooks prevent scratching, while built-in limit stops, and an internal brake ensure safe motor operation.

Enjoy Your Jeep More!

It is the perfect hands-free solution for taking off your Jeep's top for those summer cruises. Soon you will be lifting and storing your Jeep hard top, as well as increasing your garage’s storage space. 

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Hard Top Lifter