• Safe and secure, easy to install, and smart device controlled.
  • Each lifter has an internal gear brake. There is no risk of dropping items or slippage over time, even if the power goes out. 
  • Lift bikes, kayaks, cargo carriers, Jeep® hardtops, and more! Each lifter comes with everything included to install and lift your belongings. 
  • Lifters are designed to work together. Group up to 4 to lift up to 400 pounds!
  • Light and compact; each lifter only weighs four pounds!  

    MyLifter Base

    Basic Lifter



    MyLifter Universal

    Universal Lifter



    MyLifter Hard Top

    Hard Top Lifter



    MyLifter Multi-Bike

    Multi-Bike Lifter



    MyLifter Platform

    Platform Lifter



    Everything You'll Need, Included

    Each lifting system comes with everything you need to lift and store your belongings, safely and securely. The lifter installs easily and quickly, so you can say goodbye to ladders or lifting heavy boxes over your head. Each product is ready to quickly lift your bike, kayak, Jeep® Hardtop, cargo carrier, and much more! Just install the iOS or Android App and you're ready to clear up your garage floor. 

    Both Self Contained & Modular

    The lifting system is extremely customizable and modular. Sync up to four lifters together to hoist in a coordinated group, with all units automatically matching each other for speed, height, and safety. The combined strength of multiple lifters can hoist up to 400 pounds! Use our tough nylon straps with steel D rings and additional cables/pulleys/hooks to lift any size or shaped object that you have in your garage. 

    Smart Controlled, Intelligently Managed

    All Garage Smart products are smartphone controlled via the iOS/Android App. You can sync and control up to four Base Lifters together, set minimum and maximum lifting points, get live feedback on how much weight is being lifted, as well as connect multiple smartphones to a single unit/group. The App allows for incredibly easy pairing over Bluetooth® and firmware updates. 

    All our Garage Smart products are engineered to the highest standards and our customer support is top notch. The system is simply the most reliable, lightest, versatile, and smart motorized storage on the planet. Lift and store your treasured belongings with confidence. No other garage lifting system is smart device controlled and as feature-rich. 

    Smart Garage Solutions.