Smart Paddle Sports Lift & Storage Systems

Millions of people love to paddle, but struggle to find space for their gear. It becomes an unsafe, cluttered mess on the garage floor. The solution? Secure overhead storage for your kayak, paddle board, and surfboard. And these just happen to be controlled by your smart device. Never lift more than a finger. 


"Strapped this around my 11' paddle board and it worked great." 

-Daniel, from Amazon

Smart Lifting Points:

With the App, you can set Smart Lift and Smart Lower points. This allows you to program custom stopping points for the top and bottom locations of each item. Once you’ve set your points, simply tap the Smart Lift or Smart Lower button, and your Paddle Sports gear will automatically move to the perfect spot each and every time. Safely storing and accessing your Paddle Sports items has never been easier!

Easy DIY Installation:

Paddle Sports lifters come with all the hardware you need to easily install the unit to your garage ceiling by yourself. In just a few simple steps, your lifter will be mounted, plugged in, paired with the App, and ready to lift your Paddle Sports items. Now you can effortlessly move your kayak, paddle board, or surfboard, along with your gear, up and out of the way.

Safest Motorized Smart Overhead Lifters:

The lifter keeps you and your overhead items secure by not letting you lift more than what it is capable of. The unit's built-in weight sensors stop the lifter from lifting beyond its capacity, and the App's control screen will show you how close you are to your weight limit. 

The unit also uses a patented internal gear braking system that automatically locks the spool when the cable is not moving, or if the unit loses power.

Free up valuable floor space in your garage while protecting your Paddle Sports gear from accidentally being damaged!

Our adjustable 10 ft. nylon waterproof slings and patented adjuster make it easy to load your board, kayak, and gear. Once loaded, connect your smart device to the lifter via Bluetooth, and safely raise or lower your items weighing up to 100 lbs. Now you can reclaim your garage floor and protect your items by keeping them safely out of the way. All while lifting no more than a finger.

Universal Lifter

Universal Lifter