Smart Garage Solutions

We empower people like you to create the functional, smart garage space you want

Our powerful technology makes it simple for everyone to create the smart garage they want with easy-to-use, smartphone-controlled products. No heavy lifting, no hiring an electrician - just complete freedom to fit your garage to your lifestyle.

Easy to use


DIY installation

Safe and secure

Our smart storage and garage tools create a unique ecosystem of products that simplify everyday tasks like storing large items, parking your car safely in your garage, and lifting the top off of your Jeep or truck.

Garage Smart products work as individual solutions or can be used together to amplify efficiency and convenience in your garage.

Get started with Garage Smart products today.

Hard Top Lifter
Hard Top Lifter with Top
Platform Lifter
Platform Lifter Example
Multi-Bike Lifter
Universal Lifter
Universal XL Lifter
Universal XL HD Lifter

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We provide the smartest garage solutions that simplify your everyday tasks