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Professional Installation

Garage Smart offers a professional installation service through Buy It Installed® to help you get your garage storage system installed.


Purchase Professional Installation For Your Product:

Basic Lifter

Universal Lifter

Multi-Bike Lifter

Hard Top Lifter

Platform Lifter



On-Site Service Purchased
  • Verify all parts were received
  • Pre-assemble and verify parts per instructions
  • Locate studs, existing outlet, and obtain location approval
  • Install mounting bracket, and mount motor
  • Install power adaptor, power cable, and power cable management
  • Pair lifter with app on 1 Smart Phone
  • Cut off the plastic tie wraps
  • Plug in and test operation
How to Prepare
  • Confirm that your Product arrives as scheduled and appears ready for installation
  • Have a person 18 or older present for the entire On-Site Service appointment
  • As a courtesy, if applicable, please inform your Craftsman of special parking requirements, such as any no parking days for street sweeping
  • For their safety (and the Craftsman’s safety), please secure any pets away from the On-Site Service area
  • Download the GarageSmart app on your smartphone
Out-of-Scope Service (Not Purchased)
Occasionally, additional parts or work are required for installation. This occurs in an estimated 10 percent or fewer of On-Site Service appointments. Below are the most common scenarios that arise. If this happens during your On-Site Service, the Craftsman will let you know that additional work is required. You will also be notified what the cost of the additional work will be, if any, and you can decide if you want to proceed with any additional work.
  • Cutting drywall or plaster, or patching
  • Ceiling over 10 feet in height
  • Carpentry, adding supports
  • Electrical work other than running wires furnished by manufacturer
  • Permits, correction of existing code violations or conditions
  • After Hours’ work
  • Painting or staining
Buy It Installed Inc. Total Happiness Guarantee

When you purchase an item with the Buy It Installed® Button, your total happiness with your On-Site Service and the quality of your On-Site Service is extremely important to Buy It Installed, Inc. Each purchase completed with the Buy It Installed® Button is backed by the Buy It Installed, Inc. Total Happiness Guarantee.
Concluding Your Service
When your On-Site Service is complete, and you are pleased with the results, the Craftsman will ask you to sign the On-Site Service Completion Form.
Buy It Installed, Inc.
This transaction is enabled by Buy It Installed, Inc., an artificial empathy company, using the Installed-Sales EcoSystem™ (Patent Pending). All On-Site Services are sold to you and provided by a Craftsman certified to install the Product you purchase. If you choose to use Buy It Installed, Inc., you will be asked to acknowledge and agree to its Universal Terms and Conditions.
Reschedules, Refunds, & Cancellations
Prior to scheduling the On-Site Service, you may cancel your order for a refund at any time. After you and your Craftsman have set a time for the On-Site Service, the On-Site Service order may be subject to a cancellation fee if cancelled at or near the appointment time with no notice, with less than 24 hours’ notice, or if you cancel on multiple occasions. Please refer to the Buy It Installed, Inc. Recil™ Product policy ( for more information regarding cancelling and/or rescheduling On-Site Service appointments. Thank you and we look forward to serving you.