MyLifter Frequently Asked Questions 


How long is the cable length?

The MyLifter cable length is aprox. 24 feet, allowing you to hoist items in ceilings up to 12 feet when using the pulley system included in many MyLifter kits.


What happens if I try to lift too much weight with MyLifter?


Customer safety is our top priority, so we designed MyLifter with a built-in load sensor. If too much weight is placed on the unit it will stop operating, hold the load in place, and send you an alert via the app. The lifter will start operating again when the load is reduced within safe limits.


Do I have to have any weight on the end of the cable to raise the MyLifter?

No! The new MyLifter 2.0 no longer requires weight at the end of the cable to safely unspool the hoist. 


How much can MyLifter lift?

Your Mylifter will lift up to 50 pounds directly before the safely cut-out stops the lifting process and applies internal brakes. If you use the lifting hook/pulley sold in most of the MyLifter kits the weight limit doubles to 100 pounds per myLifter.


What does the MyLifter warranty cover?

Your MyLifter is covered from factory and manufacturing defects for three years. If we are unable to effectively troubleshoot your device we will determine whether we will send you a new motor or a new kit. User damage/misuse is not covered. 


How long is the power cord for the MyLifter?

Each Mylifter comes with a 20 DC foot power cable that needs to connect to the included AC Power Adapter,  which has a 4 foot cable to plugin to your AC outlet. Each Power Adapter can power up to 5 Mylifters or other Garage Smart products. 


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