The MY UNIVERSAL LIFTER is designed for storing items safely off your garage floor. Your items will now be on the ceiling and out of the way!

This product is the only smart motorized universal garage hoist on the market that is controllable by your smart device. The app allows you to set Smart Points, which are automatic top and bottom stop locations for your items. Simply tap the Smart Lift or Smart Lower button, and your items will automatically move to the perfect height for storage or access.

Designed to work with the universal pulley bracket on ceiling heights up to 13 ft. Each hoist can lift up to 100 lbs.

Just imagine what you can lift with your universal lifter. 

Everything you need for an easy DIY installation is included. See details below.

MY LIFTER takes the lifting out of overhead storage!
No more climbing ladders or multi person lifting.
Install a MY UNIVERSAL LIFTER by GARAGE SMART in your garage today!
*Free Shipping to Continental USA only

Key Features:

  • Increases storage space by safely storing items out of the way
  • Quick and easy access to stored items
  • Engineered with weight sensing technology to ensure safety
  • Smart device controlled compatible with most IOS and Android Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Always stays level, no adjusting cables or bars


  • Model Number: SMT-KUN01-02
  • Weight capacity: 100 lbs. per Lifter (group up to 4 units for a total capacity of 400lbs)
  • Designed Ceiling Height: 8–13 ft. ceilings
  • Hoist Cable Diameter: 2.5 mm, Length: 24 ft.
  • Voltage: 120V/60HZ ~4 AMPs
  • Hoist Demission’s: Height: 5.125", Length: 5.325", Width: 3.325"
  • Hoist Weight: 3 lbs.

Whats Included:

  • Electric Hoist
  • Power adapter with 6 ft AC cord
  • 20 ft DC cable
  • 4 ceiling wire clips
  • Universal Pulley Adapter
  • 1 30” piece of Smart Track
  • Carabiner clip & Storage Straps
  • Mounting Hardware

"Connecting my android Droid Turbo was very simple. the app recognized the unit right away and I was able to control the lifting operation right from my phone. it was really fun and easy to watch the bike trailer go up and down. my wife is able to get the trailer down and go for a ride while I'm at work without any problem."

-Kevin D, from Amazon

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Benefits Over Pulley Systems

  • Smart Motorization – Programable automatic stop locations
  • Safety - App shows load limits and has patented brake technology
  • Smart Device Control – Only Smart Hoist Designed for the Home Garage Combine & Sync - Sync up to 4 MY LIFTERs to lift items in unison


Smart Lifting Points: Accessing your stored items has never been easier. With the MY LIFTER app's Smart Lift and Smart Lower features, you can program top and bottom stop locations for your items. Once you've set your points, simply tap the Smart Lift or Smart Lower button, and your items will automatically move to the preset points.

Built-in weight sensing: prevents a MY LIFTER from lifting beyond its capacity, and the app's control screen will show you how close you are to your weight limit.

It’s Safe: Store your things with confidence that they will not fall. Patented internal gear braking system automatically locks the spool when the unit is not in operation or if the unit loses power to prevent slipping or uneven lifting. The braking system uses a positive engagement, spring loaded system that prevents the MY LIFTER from every falling or slipping, even if the power cuts out. A Back up battery is also available to give you access to your things when the power is out.


Easy Installation: Each MY LIFTER device which only weighs 5lbs. comes with all the hardware you need to easily install the unit to your garage ceiling. In just a few simple steps, your MY LIFTER will be mounted to our SMART TRACK, plugged in to the Power Adapter and paired with your MY LIFTER app and ready to lift your items up and out of the way!

Connectable: Lift platforms, and much more! Each base unit can lift 50 lbs. of vertical hanging weight or up to 100 lbs. when installed with the included pulley. Sync up to four MY LIFTER base units together and control them in simultaneously via our GARAGE SMART app and lift UP to 400 pounds!

It’s Certified and Tested: MY LIFTER is UL approved and we still test each MY LIFTER rigorously at various loads, temperatures and humidity conditions to ensure that your product arrives defect free and is safe before we ship it to you. See our video below to learn more about our testing: