One Smart App Controls Them ALL

Control your entire Garage Smart, smart garage with a single app! Control multiple MY LIFTER’s, lights, set the Air Drop’s PSI, keep an eye on things and even rock out to music over Bluetooth!

Completely DIY

Easy DIY installation allows as many GARAGE SMART products to be added, moved, or removed as often as you want, thanks to the SMART TRACK modular integration. No longer are you restricted to the exact location of your ceiling joists with SMART TRACK, and no more drilling ugly holes all over your ceiling!

Universal Integration

Using our patented SMART TRACK, POWER ADAPTER, and BATTERY BACK all of your smart products connect easily connect to each other, eliminating the need for multiple power outlets. No mess of wires, compatibility issues adapters, or worry from not enough power outlets.

The SMART TRACK Platform

GARAGE SMART products are more than a collection of smart device enabled products. The SMART TRACK system is a complete platform for managing all of your smart garage needs with one product line, one app and up to five devices powered by one power adapter. All GARAGE SMART products work together to deliver a complete solution for all your smart garage needs.