Thanks to the SMART TRACK, you no longer have to install the MY LIFTER, or any other GARAGE SMART products, directly into the ceiling. All you have to do is install the SMART TRACK, and all of your GARAGE SMART products will clip right into the track.

It is easily installed on your garage ceiling, and the included track covers will hide all the cables used to connect the lifters and power adapters to each other. This keeps your garage looking sleek and clean, with no messy wires.

Our SMART TRACK system can be expanded by linking tracks to one another and daisy chaining them together. This enables you to at add as many GARAGE SMART products to your system as desired.

The system allows all GARAGE SMART products to mount directly to it through our shear pin snap fit technology.

General Specs​:

  • 30” of smart track made from 1018 steel ​
  • 5 Removable plastic covers​

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